Shipping - Payment Information


Orders for deliveries only within the territory of the Greek State are accepted, in case of orders from another country, the customer / user should indicate to us the transport / courier agency where he wants to deliver the products. Orders are executed within a working eighth (9:00 am - 5:00 pm) except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The hours of the routes of each shipment are unilaterally defined by the company IN Stavropoulos (hereinafter referred to as "the company") or by the cooperating transport / logistics agency and are communicated to the customer / user. In cases where the customer / user can not receive the at the day - time appointed, the carrier shall redeem the delivery day and notify it to the customer / user. In cases where the customer can not pick up at the next appointment, he / she will have to pick up the products from his closest storehouse to the region of the co-operating company. Orders that include ordered products are sent directly after the collection of all products to the central warehouses of the company in Xalkis 10 Pylaia , Thessaloniki (for Northern Greece) It is not excluded that a single item of an order is shipped in part if agreed with the customer.



Shipment to customer / user in areas covered by the company's distribution network.

The products and services delivered after the sale are sent to the address and the recipient that the customer / user has declared when submitting his order, which has been accepted by the company. The company freely chooses the means of shipment where the place of delivery is served by its distribution network and communicates it to the customer either by telephone or by e-mail of acceptance of the order. The customer / user is informed in the above manner about the shipping cost of the order. If the mission concerns a remote or inaccessible destination (but not limited to, island or border area, etc.), then the customer / user can be informed later by telephone or e-mail. 


Company Distribution Network

The distribution network of the company provides 95% population coverage of Greece


●   In most of the above areas the delivery is set up to the pavement of the entrance (except Athens and Thessaloniki, where there is the possibility of upstairs). In cases where the affiliated transport agency is unable to deliver on the pavement of the entrance, delivery will take place at the closest possible delivery point.

●  In cases where lifting on the floor is impossible from the stairs or from the elevator, the delivery will be on the pavement of the entrance and the company will refund the agreed amount of the lift service, if it has been paid. (The lift service is only available in the cities of Thessaloniki and Athens).

●   Delivery concerns large urban centers, any other area (eg villages, remote areas) may be considered as inaccessible areas, thus not belonging to the distribution network of the company. In these cases, the Company reserves the right to refuse delivery of the goods or request an additional charge from the customer / user.

●   If the delivery address provided by the customer / user is difficult to access from the company transport / transport agency (eg truck) or is not allowed to enter for the company transport / transport agency, then please let us know when registering the order so that appropriate action can be taken. In the event that no updating is made, then the shipping company / agency has the right to deliver the goods to the nearest point accessible by the means of transport or to request a surcharge from the customer / user for the delivery of the goods to the pavement of the entrance.


Deliveries to areas outside of the Company's Distribution Network - liabilities

In the event that the customer specifies in the order to deliver to a place of delivery outside the Company's Distribution Network (all areas not mentioned above), then the customer is required to choose the way of delivery by the authorized carrier, while the company fulfills its obligation to transfer and deliver the species by delivering the item in good condition and packing to the carrier designated by the buyer. The risk of sale in this case is transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery of the goods sold by the company to the carrier. For this obligation (carrier definition and direct debit by the carrier), the customer will be informed when submitting his order. In the case of delivery to areas outside the Company's Distribution Network, there is no pay on delivery method available.


General terms for shipping products and services

The Company reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and shipping prices at will and without prior notice required to inform its prospective customers of these changes by reviewing the present terms of use of the IN Stavropoulos electronic platform (e-shop).


Receipt from Warehouses

The company provides the customer with the possibility to receive the products and services sold through the online store when they are available from the central warehouses of IN stavropoulos in the Pylaia area of Thessaloniki (10 Xalkis Street, Pylaia area, Thessaloniki city district) In particular, the customer is entitled to choose through the online store the product (s) he / she wishes to receive from the warehouse / logistics, provided that the products are collected and ready for delivery. Employees must inform the customer / user when the products are ready for delivery. In the event that the customer / user products are available in the warehouse / logistics, the customer will be able to arrive at the warehouse / logistics to receive the goods sold after at least one hour from the submission of the order via the electronic shop (for example, if the customer makes an order at 15:00 pm, he will be able to pick it up from the store he has chosen at least after 16:00 pm). If a user is found to be abusively exploiting this possibility provided by the company (such as repeatedly ordering items through the online store and not picking them out of the warehouse, etc.), the latter may refuse and deny the order of that user through the pickup facility. If the customer does not arrive at the store for the receipt of the goods sold (ie, receipt of the goods and repayment of the price) within 50 days from the time the goods to be delivered are ready then the sale is automatically canceled, being under the dissolution of the above-mentioned time-limit on the part of the client to fulfill his obligations.

In particular, for the distribution center of our company in Pylaia Thessaloniki, the receipt of the goods should take place within 5 working days from the moment the customer is notified that his products are available for pick-up.

An extension of the time limit may only be made for reasons of force majeure, provided they are communicated within the time limit by the customer and confirmed in writing. In the case of cancellation, IN Stavropoulos does not have any liability for this reason. In the event that a customer / user advance payment is made at the request of the company for a specific order, the company reserves the right to withhold this advance and cancel the order. Purchase costs may be received from the central warehouse, depending on the supplier's location.


Responsible for receiving on behalf of the customer

Receipt in any case is made by the person mentioned in the order as the consignee with the demonstration of his identity card or passport or in general a public document suitable for proof of identity if the person mentioned in the order as the recipient can not receive himself to notify us in writing at the [email protected] e-mail address. IN Stavropoulos reserves the right to claim repayment by the supervisor or guardian of any orders made by legally incapacitated persons.


Time to fulfill the sale - delivery

The delivery time of the products and services sold is specified in the order of availability, confirmed in the acceptance of the order by the company, and is no more than ninety (90) working days from the time of the sale unless there is a special agreement, confirmed in writing, by e-mail. If such time is not agreed and confirmed for any reason in the above manner, delivery will be made no later than ninety (90) working days from the receipt of the order and the preparation of the sale. In the event of unforeseeable impediments to the delivery of a product / products, the company is entitled to postpone the delivery of all or part of the products and services sold by a written statement (an e-mail) to the client(at the same time, the telephone will be informed), provided that the total waiting time, together with the postponement, does not exceed ninety  (90) days from the date of approval of the order and the preparation of the sale. Otherwise, if the (90) days period is exceeded due to a failure or failure of the COMPANY to deliver the customer, only the customer will be entitled to set a new second delivery period in excess of sixty (60) (such a new deadline is not necessary if the company denies the delivery in general or if the delivery served the customer's interests only if it was within the legal time of sixty (60) days and the customer was informed by the company). If the additional deadline set by the customer is not respected, the latter is entitled to terminate the contract of sale for arrears. The remainder of the order is normally executed unless the items on the order are relevant, will be used as a whole and are incidental to each other and the customer declares that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests, so the company must cancel the entire order.

Payment Methods


Payment methods

IN Stavropoulos, in an effort to improve the convenience and experience of your customer, offers you flexible payment options from our online store as well as from our showroom. Enjoy your home and see it take the form you dreamed of without having to pay the amount immediately. Up to 12 interest-free installments with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Do not have a credit card? No problem, IN Stavropoulos  offers you other practical ways of payment such as: (Bank Deposit, Warehouse Payment, Cash On Delivery).


1. Payment via bank deposit


You can pay your order at one of the banks we are working with, simply by giving us the order number and the order's name.

Discount your order on one of the following facets of the banks we partner with.

  Piraeus Bank

Account number: 5216-020264-048

IBAN: GR12 0172 2160 0052 1602 0264 048 Beneficiary's full name:


  National Bank of Greece

Account number: 235/470224-77

IBAN: GR48 0110 2350 0000 2354 7022 477 Beneficiary's full name:


  Alpha Bank

Account number: 720-00-2002-002619

IBAN: GR07 0140 7200 7200 0200 2002 619 Beneficiary's full name:



Account number: 0026.0094.09.0200039592

IBAN: GR83 0260 0940 0000 9020 0039 592 Beneficiary's full name:



Once your order has been completed, please deposit into one of the above accounts the amount of products you have purchased (including shipping costs) and send us a photocopy of the deposit (where your name and your order number will be entered) by e-mail at [email protected]  If you can not send us the receipt, please send us an email stating your deposit date, deposit bank, deposit number, your order number, your full name and a contact number. Once we receive the receipt, we will begin the process of executing your order. If you do not follow the previous procedure and your deposit does not state your order number or the name of this order, we will be unable to find that the deposit corresponds to your order and there will be additional delays for its routing.


2. Payment upon receipt - delivery of the order (cash on delivery method).


Pay your order at the time of delivery, at your place.

In the case where the products are shipped with a shipping company, the method of cash on delivery is only valid for the city of Thessaloniki, while for all other areas of Greece, the above payment method is not available. This type of payment will require the customer / user at least 40% of the total amount as a down payment and the balance will be paid upon delivery / receipt of the cash products.

* In accordance with the applicable tax provisions, documents worth more than € 500 to professionals / businesses (Sales Invoices) and to Individuals, should be repaid only by Deposit / Transfer to a Bank Account and Credit / Debit Card Charge.


3. Payment of your order in the store or in the main premises.


You can pay your order both in cash and by credit card:

In the exhibition area of the company in Thessaloniki 10 Xalkis str, Pylaia


4. Payment by credit card


Charge your credit or debit card. Our company cooperates with Piraeus Bank and it is possible to use credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro .The card is charged on the day of your order entry. 

Our online store has taken all necessary steps to secure your transactions with your credit card and all credit cardholders are subject to validation checks.


It is important to indicate a contact phone number and a valid e-mail address.

In case your credit card is not approved by your bank, the company reserves the right to cancel your order.

Payment by credit card can be made at the company's showrooms as well as at IN Stavropoulos headquarters.