Handmade quilts in geometric volumes, is what characterizes the living room KA 91-27.Timeless choice..
4,515.00€ 2,000.00€
Ex Tax: 2,000.00€
Hand made  sofa corner.The seat cushions are built into the sofa.The monochrome fabric is easy ..
2,200.00€ 1,100.00€
Ex Tax: 1,100.00€
Dinner table  By oak woodModern desing with two colours Dimensions:1,85 *1,00 (+0,35 ..
1,300.00€ 600.00€
Ex Tax: 600.00€
Sofas for living roomComfort and luxury with modern design. The  beige color is suitable for ev..
2,380.00€ 1,500.00€
Ex Tax: 1,500.00€
Corner living room in layout U !!Comfort and luxury with modern design. The orange color is station ..
1,375.00€ 1,000.00€
Ex Tax: 1,000.00€
Italian hand made sofas, series PIUMAPIUMA is a versatile system of modular three depths seatings wh..
Ex Tax: 6,050.00€
Italian series AMBRA Amber is a valuable material reminding jewellery and the art of goldsmiths..
Ex Tax: 1,136.00€
Modern bed with techno derma on top, high quality material for long lifeBed around is combination of..
Ex Tax: 575.00€
Italian hand made series  TORRIANI Night CollectionCombines the best of the Italian forms, mate..
Ex Tax: 3,823.00€
Italian handmade series " Academy"Α fascinating place where the great artists and philosophers of th..
Ex Tax: 354.00€