• Μπουφές high , διαθέσιμος σε διάφορα χρώματα καθώς και σε ξύλινη υφή : δρύινη ή καρυδιάς. Διαστάσεις 0,80*0,40*1,40Υ

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  • Curvy and modern!

    Made of solid oak with high quality constriction techniques.

    Dim : 2.00

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  • Italian modern vitrine.

    High quality furniture which reflects the luxury in every home.

    You can find the whole collection of the brand only in our store IN Stavropoulos

    Price : 1.500 e (VAT included)

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  • Very elegant vitrine from Italy!

    Made of 100% solid oak.
    They use special ovens for the wood, to eliminate every chance of warping in the future.

    The vitrines have nice details combined with pure beauty of the wood, and as a result can feat perfect both in a classic or a modern home.

    Variety in dimensions and colors

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  • This modern collection comes straight from Italy!

    It is characterised as luxurious that highlights a charming atmosphere.

    It will definitely elevate your space, since you can’t hide the high quality materials!

    You can find more furniture of this lovely  Italian brand only at our store, IN Stavropoulos.

    Dim : 1.40/ 1.60/ 2.00 x 0.80 x 0.75 with potential extension.

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  • Italia buffet from “My glass” collection.

    This fantastic modern buffet is made of 100% solid wood and special kind of glass at the doors.

    You can find all the available options (colors, dimensions ect) only in our store since we are the official representatives.

    Beware of imitations!

    Dim : 2.00 x 0.80 x 0.50 & 1.90 x 0.80 x 0.50

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  • Modern Italian buffet.

    Clean cuts and elegant lines, in combination of the glossy finish, is something that will elevate your whole space!

    Beware of imitations!

    Dim : 1.89 x 0.55 x 0.86

    Price : 1.190 e (VAT included)

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  • Italian buffet made of 100% solid wood.

    They use special ovens to dry the wood and eliminate every chance of warping in the future.

    The beauty of pure wood strikes again!
    The details of iron handles and sliding doors is one more thing to notice!

    Beware of imitations.

    Variety in colors and dimensions.

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  • This stunning furniture is made of solid wood inside out!

    Can be used either as a buffet, or as a tv furniture.

    It has beautiful details, such as the round surfaces are attached to  the trunk of the tree in its horizontal cutting.

    Dim : 2.52 -2.00 – 1.90 x o.50

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  • Madia buffet made of solid oak.

    Original style with timeless design. This collection can cover all the needs of living room and dining room.

    Discover it only in our store IN Stavropoulos.

    Beware of imitations.
    Dim : 2.40, 2.00 or 1.20

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  • Italian buffet “Elegance” from “My Glass” collection.

    The clear lines of the design, makes it timeless. A piece that you will never get bored to look at it.

    Made of 100% solid wood, which has been through a specific procedure to avoid the warping.

    Dim : 2.00 x 0.75 x 0.50 and 2.40 x 0.75 x 0.50

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  • Add some color in your life!

    Choose this unique buffet and feel like you are on holidays in Greek islands!

    We believe that every time you see it, you’ll smile!

    Made in Italy of 100% solid wood which has been through a special procedure to avoid the warping in the future.

    Every piece is unique!

    Dim : 1.20 / 2.00 / 2.40

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  • Buffet of natural oak.

    Incorporates a showcase for your favorite personal things.

    The mirror has also space for decoratives and matches harmonically with the buffet.

    Dim : 2.10 x 0.43

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  • Country style buffet with neoclassic finish.

    We suggest patina paint, although you can choose upon many colors in the hues of walnut.

    Dim : 2.00 x 0.50
    Dimensions can change upon order.

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  • ART DECO buffet made in Greece of natural oak.

    The doors are painted by hand, with special technique.

    Such a piece is enough to put a mark on your dining room!

    Dim : 2.20 x 0.50

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  • Modern buffet from the well know brand DEVINA NAIS!

    One look is enough to understand the quality, and then you will want to make it yours!

    It is made of 100% solid oak with internal heavy duty support mechanisms. The wood they use is from North Europe, and goes through a special procedure to eliminate every possibility of warping in the future.

    This furniture is for those who have a demanding taste and appreciate high quality.

    The colors and the frame of it are exclusive collaboration with our store IN Stavropoulos.

    Beware of imitations.

    Dim : 1.85 – 2.00 – 2.50 x 0.50

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  • One more Devina Nais exceptional product from 100% solid wood from Northen Europe. It is  thorougly disinfected and dried by modern methods in order to eliminate the possibility of clotting.

    It can be produced in different colors and dimensions.

    Dim : 2.00 x 0.50

    Beware of imitations!

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  • Italian buffet from DEVINA NAIS.

    100% solid wood collected from North Europe. First is thoroughly disinfected and then goes through special ovens in order to get dry and eliminate every chance of warping in the future.

    Beware of imitations!!

    Find the whole collection of Devina Nais only in our store, IN Stavropoulos.

    Dim : 2.00 x 0.5o

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